Skylight Cleaning and Floodlight Bulb


We offer cleaning service for the outside only of glass skylights. Ace Gutter Cleaning can usually clean skylights for much cheaper than a window cleaning company would charge to ladder against your home. Unfortunately we are not able to clean skylights with plastic covers or tops. If your skylights are leaking please advise our office staff when you schedule service so that our technicians can stay clear of those areas. We recommend contacting a roofing company for skylight repair or replacement.



Ace Gutter Cleaning is set up to change all exterior lights on your home in those hard to reach areas. We provide and install standard GE 4 year floodlight bulbs. If there are specific bulbs that you prefer or special sizes, you will need to purchase those prior to the technicians coming out to your home. All bulbs are warranted by the manufacture. Ace Gutter Cleaning can not guarantee the longevity of the bulbs replaced.

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